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YL packaging six advantages


We listen to the needs of every customer, with professional technical team and rich industry experience, tailored to create the most suitable packaging solutions.


We select high-quality raw materials, the use of exquisite production technology, to ensure that each product meets the national and industry standards. At the same time, we have advanced testing equipment and strict quality control system to ensure that every product can stand the test of time.



With a full set of professional production equipment such as film blowing machine, printing machine, slitting machine 200 sets, complete industrial chain, leading production capacity, to ensure efficient production.

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2.Service first

Pre-sales and after-sales 1v1 tracking service, from product concept to design, from template confirmation to shipment, dedicated personnel docking, to ensure worry-free experience.

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3. Reliable raw materials

Raw materials are purchased from Sinopec, petrochina and other formal channels, each batch is accompanied by quality inspection reports, in line with national standards, quality assurance.

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4. Strict quality inspection

The implementation of 19 quality inspection processes, strict control of product quality, to ensure that each production link is in line with standards, so that customers can rest assured and satisfied.

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5. Management leadership

The production workshop adopts fine and systematic scientific management, and constantly absorbs the management experience of international advanced factories to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

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6. Workshop safety

The production workshop is strictly divided into food grade and non-food grade, accurate management, eliminate cross-contamination, ensure product safety, and let customers trust.

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