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The method of improving the flatness of color printing woven bag


The method of improving the flatness of plastic woven bags is a comprehensive process, involving multiple links in the process, equipment and production process. Here are some of the main ways:


First, process improvement


Improved circular loom jump bar spring diameter:


By increasing the diameter of the jump bar spring of the circular loom, its elasticity can be enhanced, so that in the process of cylinder weaving, the force of each warp and weft is more balanced, so as to effectively reduce the occurrence of twisted wire phenomenon.


The consistent use of the spring also ensures the stability of the weaving process and further improves the flatness of the woven bag.

The method of improving the flatness of color printing woven bag.jpg

Second, equipment optimization


Improve the number of pitch motor gears and pitch motor gears:


By adjusting the number of teeth of the pitch motor gear and the pitch motor gear, the pulling force of the cloth can be enhanced to achieve a better balance between the warp and the fabric.


This helps to tighten the roll shaft and make it run more smoothly, thus improving the flatness of the woven bag.


Replacement drawing machine traction gear speed ratio:


By replacing the speed ratio of the traction gear of the wire drawing machine, the tensioning speed of the flat wire can be enhanced from the process.


At the same time, increase the oven temperature, so that the flat wire in the drawing process after the oven constant temperature setting, the monofilament tension is enhanced, so as to further improve the flatness of the woven bag.


Third, production process control


Strengthen quality control in the production process:


In the production process, the quality control of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products should be strengthened to ensure that each process meets the standard requirements.


Through strict quality control, problems in the production process can be found and corrected in time, so as to avoid adverse effects on the flatness of woven bags.


Improve the skill level of employees:


The skill level of employees directly affects the production efficiency and product quality. Therefore, enterprises should strengthen the training and education of employees to improve their skill level and operational proficiency.


By improving the skill level of employees, we can ensure that every detail in the production process is properly handled, thus further improving the flatness of woven bags.


In summary, the methods to improve the flatness of plastic woven bags include process improvement, equipment optimization and production process control. Enterprises should take practical measures to improve the flatness of woven bags according to their actual situation and production needs to meet market demand and customer requirements.


Adjust the speed of weft winder, speed regulator and wire drawing machine:


Ensure that the speed of the winder, the speed regulating machine and the drawing machine are synchronized to achieve the state of winding speed balance without ingot.


At the same time, by changing the diameter of the winding flat wire, the four-shuttle weft line can maintain balance and avoid the top touching the warp line, so as to further improve the flatness of the woven bag.