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The factors affecting the use time of woven bags mainly include the following aspects


First, material characteristics

Material selection: Woven bags are mainly made of plastic materials such as polypropylene (PP), which are prone to aging under the action of environmental factors such as sunlight, oxygen and humidity.


Physical properties: the tensile load, elongation at break and other physical properties of the material directly affect the durability of the woven bag. For example, the relative tensile load and elongation at break of the flat wire can be used to determine the degree of aging of the woven fabric during lamination.


Second, the use of environment

Light conditions: Ultraviolet light in sunlight is one of the main factors of plastic aging. In direct sunlight, the strength of woven bags will rapidly decrease, resulting in shortened service life. Therefore, woven bags used outdoors are particularly vulnerable to light, while woven bags stored indoors in the shade are relatively durable.


Temperature and humidity: High temperature and humidity can accelerate the aging process of plastics. In the storage and transportation process, if the temperature is too high or in the rain, it will lead to the strength of the woven bag is reduced, thus affecting its service life.


Chemical substances: Some chemical substances such as acid and alkali solutions, solvents, etc., have a corrosive effect on woven bags, resulting in reduced performance and even damage.

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Third, the way of use

Loading items: The type, weight and shape of items loaded in the woven bag will affect its service life. Heavy or sharp items are easy to puncture the woven bag, while corrosive items will accelerate its aging.


Frequency of use: Frequently used woven bags are more prone to wear and aging.


Storage and transportation conditions

Storage environment: Woven bags should be stored in a cool and clean indoor environment, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. At the same time, storage should avoid stacking too high or heavy pressure, so as not to damage the woven bag.


Transportation process: During the transportation process, the woven bag should be avoided by the sun and rain and mechanical damage. At the same time, attention should be paid to controlling the transportation temperature to avoid excessive or too low temperature causing adverse effects on the woven bag.


In summary, the factors that affect the use time of woven bags mainly include material characteristics, use environment, use mode, storage and transportation conditions and other aspects. In order to extend the service life of woven bags, it is necessary to start from these aspects and take corresponding measures for protection and management.