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How to face the aging problem of ton bags


How can the jumbo bag better face its aging problem in the process of use? About this problem, the ton bag manufacturer will take you to understand in detail.


1, to fully understand the customer's anti-aging needs for tons of bags, such as the use of address, the use of time cycle, etc., some customers will provide artificial accelerated aging test time and final retention strength, and even some customers to clarify the increase of UV additives, according to customer needs, develop product technical plans.


2.Planning the production formula. Due to the aging of the recycled material, the cracking of the molecular chain, the mechanical properties have been greatly reduced, and the service life has been sharply shortened, so it is necessary to choose a new material for the raw material. To deal with the aging of tons of bags, it is necessary to increase anti-aging additives in accordance with a certain proportion. If the use of UV additives will make the dispersion of the material difficult to deal with, the formation of technical processing is difficult, and anti-aging masterbatch can be useful to deal with this question. For the color of the product, according to customer requirements, choose different fast grades of color masterbatch.


3, for the anti-aging masterbatch that improves the aging resistance of tons of bags, customers should be stable to investigate, although the increase is small, but the effect is very crucial, it is necessary to put forward strict requirements for anti-aging masterbatch suppliers to fully ensure the quality of goods.


4, a good ton bag contains base cloth, sling, material cloth and sewing thread, which must meet the needs of anti-aging, if a problem, severe results will occur, many users have been subjected to similar experience.

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Bulk bags, also known as container bags, space bags or flexible containers, are large flexible transport packaging containers. It is mainly used for loading and transporting a large number of powdered or granular items, such as fertilizers, ores, grain, etc. The design of the ton bag allows it to withstand up to 2000 kg of material, and has good moisture, dust, radiation resistance and strong safety characteristics. Due to its large capacity, high durability and flexibility, tonnage bags play a vital role in modern logistics and industry. By using tons of bags, you can greatly improve the transportation efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save storage space, and meet the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development.